New Island Appears: Bird Island emerges off the coast of Schleswig-Holstein, Germany (Photo)

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A new island appears off Germany‘s coast in Schleswig-Holstein, according to a Daily Mail report on Saturday, January 12, 2013.

New island appears in this location
Location of the new island.
Image Credit: Martin Stock

The 34 acre sandbank is better known as Bird Island as it reportedly serves as sanctuary to hundreds of sea birds who rest, nest or feed on the 16 feet high sand dunes. Among the birds found in the island include sea gulls, grey geese, eider ducks, common ringed plovers and even peregrine falcons.

New island appears off the Germany coast
The Bird Island is sanctuary to several birds.
Image Credit: Martin Stock

Over the past few years, this island slowly showed up in the waters of the North Sea, 15 miles away from the marine national park of Wattenmeer.

Detlef Hansen of Wadden Sea National Park explained that “The fact that in just a few years a new island is formed is very impressive. For conservationists this is anything but ordinary.”

With sandbanks all over the place, it is amazing to note that about 49 plant species can be found throughout the island.

New island appears with sandbanks
The new island has almost 50 plant species.
Image Credit: Martin Stock

In a statement issued by Martin Stock, a National Park Management biologist that manages Wattenmeer, he warned that “A strong storm flood could wipe the island out overnight. The plants do not have the roots necessary yet to bind the dunes together.”

Reports say that tourists were allowed to walk off the sands during the past week. They were however given strict guidelines to refrain from getting near the sea birds within the island.

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