New iPhone to have thinner screen, not be called iPhone 5, reports say

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Apple‘s next iPhone will likely to have a thinner screen so it would not be heavier, since Apple also has plans to use a larger screen. If recent reports (iPhone 5 rumors) are true, the device will be simply called as ‘new iPhone‘, and not iPhone 5 as most Apple fans would expect.

According to Los Angeles Times on Tuesday, July 17, 2012, the new iPhone is likely to feature a thinner screen using in-cell technology, which integrates the touch sensors inside the LCD panel, from display makers Sharp, Japan Display, and LG Display.

As noted in the report, Apple‘s upcoming iPhone is likely to be named ‘new iPhone‘ (instead of iPhone 5) as the company would want to go away with the traditional number series, just like calling the latest iPad as ‘new iPad‘, rather than naming it as iPad 3.

As rumored last May, the new iPhone is likely to use a larger screen that measures 4 inches from corner to corner (or diagonally), which will be about 30% in viewing area than the original 3.5-inch screen that Apple has been using ever since, and is expected to provide better resolution over standard LCD displays.

For the features, WSJ cited that the new iPhone is being expected to sport the new operating system, iOS 6, which Apple said that it will come with 200 new features, including improvements on its voice assistant Siri; which is similar to earlier rumors that surfaced months ago; in addition to 4G LTE wireless capabilities.

Meanwhile, the paper noted that analysts expect the new iPhone to hit the market in the fall but did not provide a specific date of release. Instead, it cited that there are a lot of rumors about the new iPhone release date, mentioning that a blog called ‘Know Your Mobile’ said it could be this coming August 7.

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