New Google Adsense Interface First Impression Review

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I’m writing this in a first person’s point of view as I personally use Google Adsense and I would like to share my opinion on it.

After logging in today at my Google Adsense account, an invitation to try the new Google Adsense interface greeted me.

Adsense Invite

I accepted the invitation and was welcomed by their shiny new interface.

Adsense Welcome

Being used to the original interface, I was a little bit confused. New terminologies came up. There is this Coverage thing showing percentages and there is this RPM.

According to their Help page, RPM means Revenue per Thousand Impressions which is the old eCPM or effective cost per thousand. Coverage is the ratio of requested ad units or queries to the number that is returned to the site.

What I like about the new interface is their Performance reports tab. You can graph your earnings now, by Custom channels, or by URL channels. You can see how your earnings, cost per click, clickthrough rate (CTR) and other values fluctuate as time goes by.

Adsense Graph

I am still exploring the new Google Adsense interface and this is just my first impression.

Have you tried the new Google Adsense interface already? What’s your opinion about?

Image Credit: Google Adsense new interface screenshots from my account

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