New Facebook privacy settings unveiled, changes include Privacy Shortcuts, new Activity Log

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Facebook formally announced on Wednesday, December 12, 2012 a number of new privacy settings options for their more than 1 billion users worldwide. This latest update comes after Facebook made some changes last August, where new users can select an audience when they sign up for Facebook.

Facebook App Permission

Facebook App Permission page
Image Credit: Facebook

According to a post at Facebook blog this Wednesday, among the new Facebook privacy settings to be implemented include Privacy Shortcuts, a notably easier-to-use Activity Log, and a new Request and Removal tool for managing multiple photos the user is being tagged in.

“We’re also adding new in-product education that makes key concepts around controlling your sharing clearer, such as in-context reminders about how stuff you hide from timeline may still appear in news feed, search, and other places.” Sam Lessin, Facebook product director, wrote at Facebook blog.

“We continue to strive toward three main goals: bringing controls in context where you share, helping you understand what appears where as you use Facebook, and providing tools to help you act on content you don’t like.” Lessin added, noting that these latest changes in Facebook will be available to all at the end of 2012.

As noted in the report, Privacy Shortcuts has three key features; the “Who can see my stuff?” button where users can immediately change who they want to view their status; the “Who can contact me?” link, and the “How do I stop someone from bothering me?” button, or simply how to block someone from Facebook.

For the App Permission, there will be two simultaneous requests that will appear; one is request access to the user’s public profile including friends and email addresses, and the other asking to post on the user’s friend on his or her behalf, with Facebook that this is not applicable to all apps, such as games apps.

Meanwhile, the updated Activity Log aims to make it easier for Facebook users to see the things posted on their profile page, make changes to the audience of past photos and other posts, and choose what appears on their timelines, along with the easier review of Likes, comments, and photos the user is being tagged in.

On the other hand, the Request and Removal tool will be used to request other users to remove them from the photos they were being tagged in; and will allow users to immediately untag themselves in multiple photos. However, these photos can still appear in other places on Facebook, including others’ timelines.

Facebook Privacy Shortcuts
Facebook Privacy Shortcuts page
Image Credit: Facebook

Facebook Activity Log
Facebook Facebook Activity Log page
Image Credit: Facebook

Facebook Request Removal
Facebook Facebook Request for Removal page
Image Credit: Facebook

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