New Delhi Building Collapse, 64 People Did Not Survive

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New Delhi Building Collapse
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A 15-year old four-story building collapsed on Monday evening in New Delhi‘s congested Lalita Park area. According to international reports, the old building is housing about 200 people who are mostly migrant workers and their families.

The cause of the collapse was not identified yet. One of the official said that the building may have been weakend by water damage following monsoon rains, which forced the Yamuna to overflow its banks and may have reached the building’s foundation resulting in the collapse. Some residents said that the landlord was illegally constructing an additional floor on the building.

Reports also said that poor construction material and poor foundations are often blamed for building collapses in India and some unscrupulous builders who often break building laws to add additional floors to existing structures.

On Tuesday afternoon, 64 bodies were already recovered and another 80 people were reported that was injured.

Police had filed charges against Amrit Singh, owner of the building. Authorities are now in search for him whom according to the residents fled away right after the building collapsed.

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