New born endangered Siamese crocodiles found in Laos

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Siamese Crocodiles
Image Credit: Wildlife Conservation Society

Twenty (20) new born Siamese crocodiles were born at the Lao Zoo last week as reported by several international news sites on Friday, August 26, 2011.

These crocodiles were considered as one of the fewest of its kind and have been declared extinct in the wild way back 1992.

It is being believed that there are almost 300 Siamese crocodiles that could be found in swamps, forests and rivers. Their nest was first seen in the mountainous country in 2008, in which the findings brought the important pace in the analysis of the species.

Since then, small populations have been discovered and majority of them are in Southeast Asia. However, the said specie is still close to extinction as claimed by International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List.

Before the crocs hatched last week, the team of villagers trained by the Wildlife Conservation Society found their nest in the southern province of Savannakhet in June 2011.

“The feeling was one of the elation. When you look at the global population and the population in Laos it represents quite a significant number of individual crocodiles.” Chris Hallam, crocodile project organization coordinator in Laos, told reports.

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