New Bible Coming Out, Big Changes on Old Testament Translation Made

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According to several international news reports, the Old Testament will be translated anew on the next edition of the New American Bible, one of the most popular English-language Bibles. With the new translation, some big changes were made, such as “booty” and “virgin” replaced with new words.

New American Bible
The New American Bible
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Here are some of the swaps included in the new Bible as reported by

  • “booty” is now “spoils of war” — for presumably obvious reasons.
  • “virgin” becomes “young woman” — especially where the original uses the Hebrew word “almah.”
  • “holocaust” will become “burnt offerings” – scholars say that was closer to the original meaning, before “holocaust” came to be identified with the genocide of World War II.
  • “cereal”— now co-opted by General Mills and Post, becomes “grain.”

According to reports, the changes were made because scholars said that the meaning of those words already shifted after 40 years since the Old Testament in the New American Bible was last updated.

“We needed a new translation because English is a living language,” retired auxiliary bishop of Milwaukee Richard Sklba, one of the bishops on the editing team was quoted saying.

The New American Bible will come out on March 9, Ash Wednesday.

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