Netflix Incorporated Created Its Own Tech Blog

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Netflix Incorporated created its own tech blog, last December 1, 2010. The blog aptly called “The Netflix Tech Blog” (,)  is the technical support for the Official Netflix Blog.  The newly created blog has 3 interesting posts as of December 4, 2010.

The first article was a welcome post about the services the company offers and the purpose of the tech blog.  The next post was about API and its strategy evolution, while the last article was about HTML5 and why Netflix choose it as its device on user experiences.

According to Netflix, the increasing demand for online streaming has prompted the company to create its own blog which will be “focused on technology and technology issues.”  The blog will allow Netflix staff to share with customers their experiences of building software for its services.

Netflix Incorporated, based in Los Gatos, California offers Internet video streaming and DVD rentals for the US and Canada. According to the company, it will continue to concentrate on acquiring streaming rights from TV programs and movies to obtain more than 19 million subscribers for the year 2011.

Even with the increased rate of subscription plans last November 22, 2010, Netflix’s unlimited online streaming of movies and TV shows is still considered inexpensive.  More companies realize the earning potential of live online streaming and have adjusted their goals towards this venture.  One such company is Apple, which has included Netflix services in its updated version of its Apple TV set-top box.

Last September 2010, Netflix has started a deal with the three giant movie producers, MGM, Paramount and Lionsgate.  Reed Hastings, the company’s CEO said that the DVD distribution centers are still growing even if Netflix is focusing on live streaming.  This will propel Netflix as a premier online streaming -”watch instantly” provider in the year 2011.

But will the increase load of online-streaming customers “kill” the Internet? This is a question that would be answered in the year 2011.

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