Neighbor hero catches falling girl from 3rd floor window in Brooklyn (Video)

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A so-called neighbor hero catches successfully a falling girl from a third-floor window in Coney Island, Brooklyn on Monday, July 16, 2012, and the entire rescue was captured on video as shown below.

Stephen St. Bernard after the incident (left), and
Keyla McCree (inset), while falling from window

Image Credit: Gabriella Bass and MAC video

According to the New York Post on Tuesday, a MTA bus driver named Stephen St. Bernard was on his way home from work on Monday shortly after 2 p.m. (local time) and was parking his car when several children asked him to help 7-year-old girl Keyla McCree, who was then in danger.

As noted in the report, St. Bernard, 52, who was still then wearing his work uniform, rushed to the scene, and was just in the nick of time to catch Keyla, who fell from the window of the third floor of the apartment where they both live. She was later taken to Coney Island Hospital with very minor injuries only.

“I saw a little girl standing on the air conditioner. I said to myself, ‘Let me get over to her in time.’ I made it just in time.” St. Bernard was quoted in the report, noting that the girl, who was noted to be an autistic child, was ‘dancing and smiling’ on the small unit and seem to be not aware on the danger.

“This was the biggest catch of my life. She just looked shocked. I was cool at the time, but my heart was racing. What would have happened if I didn’t catch her?” St. Bernard added, who suffered a torn tendon in his biceps after the incident and was treated on the same hospital where Keyla was brought.

Meanwhile, local police told the paper that the little girl could have pushed out one of the accordion pieces that was holding a brand-new air conditioner in a bedroom window, and squeezed through the tiny opening before she fell off; while her mother Shaleema was out of the room with Keyla‘s younger brother.

Neighbor hero catches falling girl from 3rd floor window
Video Credit: zoroaTV/YouTube/New York Post/MAC

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