Nebraska Election Results 2012: Deb Fischer Wins Senate Race Against Bob Kerrey

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Deb Fischer

Deb Fischer
Image Credit: Breitbart

State Sen. Deb Fischer won against Democrat Bob Kerrey on the Nebraska Senate race on Tuesday, November 6, 2012, international news sites reported that day.

According to a report on the Huffington Post, Deb Fischer earned 58.2% of the votes while Bob Kerrey got 41.8%. Fischer‘s victory gives the GOP control of both Nebraska‘s Senate seats and all of the three House seats.

“We expect our elected officials to listen and to vote for us in Washington the way they talk to us at home. I will stand for you and fight for you in Washington,” Fischer reportedly said in her victory speech in Lincoln.

Kerry, in his concession speech, acknowledged that he was a long shot to win from the beginning.

“From the beginning, we knew that this would be an uphill struggle. We did not begin this campaign because we thought it would be easy,” Kerry was quoted as saying.

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