NBA Playoffs: Memphis Grizzlies vs Oklahoma City Thunder, Game 7 2011 NBA West Semis (Video)

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NBA Playoffs: Memphis Grizzlies vs OKC Thunder
NBA Playoffs: Memphis Grizzlies vs OKC Thunder
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The NBA Playoffs game between the Memphis Grizzlies and Oklahoma City Thunder is on its final game. The last slot for the 2011 Western NBA Finals will be decided on Sunday, May 15, 2011 in Game 7 of the NBA Western Semifinals series between the Grizzlies and the Thunder, according to a report by The Dallas Mavericks is the first team to get into the 2011 West Finals by sweeping the LA Lakers, 4-0, in their own NBA Semifinals series.

The Grizzlies vs Thunder best-of-seven series has been played for two weeks now and it was filled with blown out games, clutch rallies, overtimes and even triple overtime.

Game 7 between Memphis and Oklahoma City will be played at the Thunder‘s home court in Oklahoma City Arena, Oklahoma City.

According to Oklahoma City head coach Scott Brooks, “Game 7s are great opportunities for both teams.”  Brooks added, “If you win, you move on. If you lose, you think about next season.”

For Memphis head coach Lionel Hollins, game 7 is “Really it is just another game.” He continued by saying, that the during an NBA game 7, “They don’t change the rules or raise the basket.”

Hollins, as a player, played a seventh game twice in his 11-year NBA career in Philadelphia.

Brooks has also played in Game 7 when the Rockets lost to Seattle in 1993.

Below are the results of the first six games of the 2011 Western NBA Semifinals between the Memphis Grizzlies vs OKC Thunder.

  • Memphis – 114, OKC – 101
  • Memphis – 102, OKC – 111
  • OKC – 93, Memphis-101
  • OKC – 133, Memphis-123
  • Memphis – 72, OKC – 99
  • OKC – 83, Memphis-95

Watch the analysis of Rick Kamla and Steve Smith of Game 7 between the Grizzlies and Thunder.

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