NBA Finals Game 3 results: Miami Heat wins 2012 NBA Finals Game 3 (91-85), leads series at 2-1

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Miami Heat won 2012 NBA Finals Game 3 (91-85) on Sunday, June 17, 2012, which was held in their home court at the American Airlines Arena, in Miami, Florida, and is now leading the series at 2-1 after winning Game 2.

LeBron James (left) and Kevin Durant during
the first quarter of NBA Finals Game 3

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As featured at NBA on Sunday night, Miami Heat beat the Oklahoma City Thunder, with Miami‘s LeBron James making 29 points, Dwyane Wade with 35 points and Chris Bosh finishing off with 10 points. Thunder‘s Kevin Durant, who had 5 fouls, made 25 points, followed by Russell Westbrook with 19 points.

As featured on Thursday night, Miami Heat dominated the first three quarters of Game 2 while Oklahoma City Thunder came back in the fourth quarter but was not still enough to win, with Miami winning the game (100-96).

During the first quarter of Game 3, both teams were seen actively exchanging fast shots and saw the dunks of OKC Thunder‘s Kendrick Perkins and Miami Heat‘s Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade, with LeBron James making 10 points. Miami led by 6 points, 26-20.

For the second quarter, the score went into tie a couple of times as both teams seen eager to take the lead in the series, with Oklahoma City key players including Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and Shane Battier, who made two 3-pointer shots, but Miami Heat continues to shine and finished with a 1-point lead, 47-46.

Apparently, the third quarter continues to be a tough match despite OKC Thunder leading at 11 points at some point at 65-54. Miami continues to score back through the combined efforts of James, Wade, and Bosh, ending the quarter with a 2-point lead at 69-67.

For the fourth and final quarter, LeBron started with already 21 points and 10 rebounds and Wade scored 20 points and 8 points for Bosh, while Thunder‘s Durant already had 21 points, followed by Westbrook with 15 points, with Miami making a 8-0 run in the last 3:27 minutes.

At the same time, Kevin Durant made his fifth personal foul and LeBron and his team took the advantage and played offensively. Miami Heat eventually won despite having almost the same turnovers with Oklahoma City Thunder. Game 4 will be this coming Tuesday night and will still be held in Miami.

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