Nazarko Starts Rebuilding Tykocin Medieval Castle In Bobolice, Poland To Restore Middle Ages Glory (Photo)

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Jacek Nazarko
Jacek Nazarko in Tykocin
Bobolice, Poland

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Several Polish real estate developers led by Jacek Nazarko, has started rebuilding medieval castles in the town of Tykocin in Bobolice, Poland.

According to reports by several international news sites, Nazarko is among the Polish developers who are trying to recapture the glory of the medieval-style castles in Poland.

The medieval castles in Poland was damaged during World War occupations and were left in ruins for a long time.

Below are some images of the medieval-style castles being reconstructed in Tykocin town of Bobolice, Poland. Navigate through the images by selecting the page number below the image.

Image Credit: AP Photo/Czarek Sokolowski

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