Navy Dolphins Rare Torpedo: 130-Year-Old Torpedo Found Off San Diego (Video)

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Navy Dolphins Rare 130-year-old Torpedo

Navy Dolphins Rare Torpedo
Credit: US Navy/SPAWAR

The US Navy dolphins made a rare torpedo find when they uncovered a 130-year-old torpedo off the coast of San Diego near the Hotel del Coronado.

A self-propelled Howell torpedo was found last March by two US Navy trained bottlenose dolphin named Ten and Spetz. The rare torpedo was recovered without its warhead.

Christian Harris, operations manager of the US Navy Marine Mammal Program, reported that,

A diver went down and began to sweep the dust and debris off, and they realized that they had found something significant. Subsequently, it was recovered, and that’s when the light went on that what the dolphins had discovered was a really old marine artifact.

It was not clear however why the torpedo was found sitting below the waters off San Diego.

Howell torpedoes were reportedly named after its inventor, Lt. Cmdr. John A. Howell. A Howell torpedo has a length of about 11 feet, propelled by a 132-pound flywheel up to 400 yards at a speed of 25 knots.

These torpedoes were used to arm US Navy battleships and torpedo boats from 1870 to 1889.

Below is a video of the rare 130-year-old Howell torpedo found by US Navy-trained dolphins.

Rare 130-year-old torpedo
Credit: US Navy

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