Natural History Museum launches ‘Who do you think you really are?’ interactive film about dinosaurs

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The Natural History Museum launches “Who do you think you really are?”, an interactive film about dinosaurs and other pre-historic creatures, as published on their official website on Tuesday.

According to, the interactive film entitled “Who do you think you really are?” is first of its kind, since it will be using 3 independent screens, web cams, as well as specially designed hand-held devices that will allow viewers to enjoy and learn about extinct creatures like the dinosaurs.

The film will also relate the story of how the world evolved from the simplest living creatures, as well as how DNA is being shared with a huge variety of life.

“We wanted to use a whole arsenal of media and technologies,” NHM’s Interactive Department‘s director Alisa Barry said, who is also the executive producer of the said interactive film.

‘We have peppered the studio with infra-red. This allows the camera in the hand-held computers to track movements and position the animation correctly.” Ms. Barry added.

The film, which will be narrated by Sir David Attenborough, will be shown daily in the Attenborough Studio at the Natural History Museum in London, England, for free.

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