National Signing Day was Unsuccessful in other States due to Inclement Weather

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High School Seniors
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The National Signing Day was unsuccessful in other states n the US due to inclement weather. This is according to US news sites, February 2, 2011. This is the day when athletes “sign up” with College sports teams and when recruiters select their players and recruits make their choices.

It has become a day of celebration for high school seniors because of the fact that they will soon be in a college or university of their choice, with a college sports team they would like to join. Team coaches select their players and sometimes this is even televised nationwide.

The inclement weather prevented the National Signing Day in schools throughout the states of Chicago, New York, Indiana, Missouri, Oklahoma, Maryland, Pennsylvania and a few more states. There were teams however, who were able to recruit their players. Football is usually the focus of attention.

High school seniors had their few minutes of fame as they made their choices for college sports. For this year, some of the players who have successfully signed are Devondre Campbell of Cypress Lake High School, who signed with Hutchinson College.

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