National Geographic Museum Exhibit: “Samurai: The Warrior Transformed” (Photo)

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The National Geographic Museum is coming up with an exhibit entitled, “Samurai: The Warrior Transformed,” from March 7 until September 3, 2012. A National Geographic published article indicated that the exhibit will be at 1145 17th Street NW, Washington, D.C.

The works of Eliza Ruhamah Scidmore, a writer, photographer, and geographer, will be featured in a companion photography gallery. Her creations include portraits of pearl diving, tea ceremonies and many others that reflect Japanese people and their culture. Scidmore, a frequent visitor of Japan since 1885, was instrumental in sending Cherry trees as a gift to Washington.

Genkuro Yoshitsune and Musashibo Benkei
Genkuro Yoshitsune and Musashibo Benkei
Image Credit: Library of Congress

The Cherry trees planted along the banks of the Potomac River and around the Tidal Basin in 1912 will be celebrating their centennial year.

The National Geographic exhibit will be presenting the transformation of the understanding of the samurai into a cultural symbol. The samurai, in the Western world, usually connotes as warriors, swords and armor.

The museum will be open from 10am to 6pm daily and is FREE for school and youth groups. For more details on museum admission, check out the National Geographic‘s official website.

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