National Enquirer Whitney Houston dead photo inside coffin sparks controversy; publisher defends

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A Whitney Houston photo showing her inside a coffin that appeared at the front page of National Enquirer, a US newspaper, as shown below, is now sparking controversy, with its publisher defending the idea.

A noted at US news sites on Thursday, February 23, 2102, the National Enquirer news headline reads “Whitney: The last photo!” and was believed to be taken inside the Whigham Funeral Home in Newark, New Jersey, during the funeral eve.

Apparently, the photo on the weekly magazine shows Whitney Houston lying in an open coffin, wearing a purple dress and a gold brooch; although it has not been confirmed as genuine and has no “Image Credit”.

Nevertheless, the publication also noted that Houston, 48, who was found dead in her room at Beverly Hilton hotel on February 11, the eve of the 2012 Grammy Awards, was also wearing jewelries worth $500,000 and a pair of gold slippers.

National Enquirer’s Whitney Houston photo inside coffin
Image Credit: National Enquirer

Meanwhile, National Enquirer publisher Mary Beth Wright was quoted telling to that “I thought it was beautiful” and that the cover was a work of art, which is now being criticized by other media and the reading public even at social sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

“Running an image of Whitney Houston‘s lifeless body on the cover is pretty par for the course for The National Enquirer, but it’s still a bit much.” A statement reads at The Daily Caller, criticizing the action.

“The Enquirer struck again with its latest cover featuring Whitney Houston in a casket. It’s just another disgusting display of how low celebrity obsession can stoop.” Executive Editor Denise Warner was quoted telling to Fox411.

“Regardless of how they obtained the picture — and the likely exorbitant price they paid for it, the Enquirer should have thought twice about this post-mortem portrait. And it’s certainly not an image that is necessary in the discussion of her life and death.” Warner added.

According to some reports, National Enquirer also published a post-mortem photo of John Lennon on its cover back in 1980 and also one of Elvis Presley in his coffin in 1977, while the family of Whitney Houston not yet releasing their comment on this issue.

Note: The above photo of Whitney Houston inside her coffin was intentionally made blurred since it may not be suitable to some viewers and also to respect the family’s privacy.

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