NASA: Space Shuttle’s Final Launch Delayed Due To Bad Weather

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Space Shuttle Discovery Postponed
Space Shuttle‘s‘ final launch schedule was postponed until Friday by NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) due to bad weather in Florida according to international report.

Heavy rain was hitting the area and according to the meteorologist, there was a little chance for the weather to stop in time for the planned launch on Thursday.

A spokesman at Kennedy Space Center said, “There is a no go for 24 hours because of the weather,” However, mission managers according to report, will meet 5 A.M. on Friday to re-evaluate the weather conditions. If they feel the weather improves and has 60 percent chance that conditions will be acceptable for launch, they will give the go-ahead to fuel Discovery for liftoff on Friday at 3:04 p.m.

The launching of the Space Shuttle was already four days late due to some problems encountered earlier. According to reports, NASA has until Sunday to launch Discovery. If the launching failed under other circumstances until Sunday, the shuttle will no longer launch until the beginning of December because of unacceptable solar angles.

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