NASA Reveals Shuttle Endeavour Astronauts’ First Space Walk (Photo)

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Drew Feustel
Image Credit: NASA

Drew Feustel and Greg Chamitoff were the two US astronauts who made their first space walk off the Shuttle Endeavour’s final mission to the International Space Station, according to a NASA report.

Based on the reports of several international news sites, Feustel and Chamitoff are wearing spacesuits, with solid and broken red stripes, when they floated out of the station at around 0710 GMT to work on repairs and additions to the orbiting lab.

It was also reported that the two astronauts installed an ammonia jumper cable, that will connect the cooling loops of the two station’s segments, in order to fix a leak in the photovoltaic thermal control system cooling loop. They also installed two antennas for an external wireless communications system at the station’s Destiny laboratory.

The expedition lasted for six hours and 19 minutes as they ended their work at 9:29 am (1329 GMT). They will be conducting three more space walks over the course of the 16-day mission of the US shuttle program.

Shuttle Endeavour, according to reports, will remain at the space station until May 30, and will return to United States on June 1.

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