NASA Releases Photo of Shuttle Endeavour Docked at International Space Station

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Space Shuttle Endeavour
Image Credit: NASA

Shuttle Endeavour, together with its six astronauts, successfully docked on the Harmony node of the International Space Station, Wednesday May 18, 2011 on the final voyage of the space shuttle program.

As reported by several international news sites, Commander Mark Kelly Giffords steered Endeavour in for the slightly early linkup. Kelly and his crew will spend nearly two weeks at the space station.

According to reports, Kelly and his crew will install the 7-ton Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer, an international collaboration representing 16 countries led by Nobel-winning physicist Samuel Ting of  Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer, a 3-foot, doughnut-shaped magnet, is designed to search for various types of unusual matter by measuring cosmic rays. Based on reports, experiments and data from Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer will help researchers study the formation of the universe and search for evidence of dark matter as well as investigate antimatter.

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