Nana Managadze Confirms Recently Discovered Unknown Masterpiece Is One Of Niko Pirosmani’s Artworks

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Niko Pirosmani Unknown Masterpiece

Niko Pirosmani Unknown Masterpiece
Image Credit: Nina Shlamova/AFP

Nana Managadze, a Georgian art expert confirmed that the recently discovered unknown masterpiece belongs to Niko Pirosmani‘s artworks. The painting was said to be “A Cock, a Brooding Hen and Chickens” which have been kept in a private collection.

Georgia Today reported that the unknown masterpiece of Pirosmani has been attempted to be exported by its owner who violates the legislation not to sell items of national heritage to foreign country. However, the prosecutors office was able to stop the illegal transaction.

According to reports, the prosecutors office received an information about the planned export of a Pirosmani canvas. To ensure that the painting will not leave the country, they sent an undercover agent that acted as a foreign buyer.

It was said that the owner was asking for $500,000, but was reduced to $150,000 during the negotiations. The authenticity of the painting was doubted by many, but was later confirmed a genuine Pirosmani work after extensive examination by art experts. It has now been handed over to the Georgian National Museum where it will be put on display for public viewing.

Niko Pirosmani was said to be a self-taught Georgian primitivist who was admired by Picasso. He was only recognized as one of Georgia’s greatest painters after his death, leaving the Georgian nation with very little information about his life.

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