Namibia Space Ball Alerts NASA, European Space Agency (Video)

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Alien Space Ball

Namibia Space Ball Checked by NASA, European Space Agency
Image Credit: National Forensic Science Institute

An “alien” space ball that drops in a remote area of Namibia in Southern Africa last November has prompted authorities to alert NASA and the European Space Agency, according to reports by several international news sites on Thursday, December 22, 2011.

Reports say that the “alien” space ball weighing six kilograms has 1.1 meters circumference and 35 centimeters diameter.

Police reports indicates that the hallow metal alloy ball was found in the northern part of Namibia, about 750 kilometers from its capital, Windhoek.

The weight of the ball has created a hole 33 centimeters deep and 3.8 meters wide.

Below is a Discovery News video of the space ball found in Namibia.

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