Name of Australian included in New Zealand trapped miners revealed

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Updated: November 22, 2010 12:40 a.m.

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The name of the Australian who was said to be included in New Zealand trapped miners was revealed, according to ABC News in Australia on Saturday.

According to earlier reports, there were at least two Australians who were trapped when a blast occurred at Pike River Coal, which took place on Friday, along with 25 other miners.

One of the two Australians was identified as Josh Ufer, 27 years old, was said to be working for said mine in New Zealand for the last nine months.

He is from north Queensland, whose girlfriend named Rachelle Weaver, is from the Greymouth area and is currently working for her parents’ adventure company in New Zealand.

Meanwhile, the names of the three of the New Zealand miners have been released earlier which includes Milton Osborne, a councilor of Greymouth District, Blair Sims, and Ben Rockhouse.

Daniel, 24 years old and Ben’s brother, was reported to have escaped immediately after the mine blast, along with Russell Smith, 50, are now being treated for moderate injuries at Grey Base Hospital.

As of this writing, there is still no communication between the rescuers and the trapped miners, this includes two Australians, two British nationals, one South African, and 24 New Zealand residents.

Nevertheless, a team of Australian experts has arrived on Saturday in the blast area to assist the rescue team of New Zealand.

On the other hand, families of the trapped miners are consistently watching the live news as they are worried to what might have happened with their love ones down under.

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