New York 3 Feet Snow: N.Y. Storm Dumps Snow on Memorial Day Weekend

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New York 3 feet snow

New York 3 feet snow
Credit: CBS News

About 3 feet of snow was dumped by a weekend storm in New York over the weekend.

The 2013 Memorial Day weekend storm covered the 5,000 foot N.Y. ski mountain in the Adirondacks near the Vermont boarder.

Several news sites reported on Sunday, May 26, 2013 that the Olympic Regional Development Authority was forced to close the Whiteface Veteran’s Memorial Highway located near the mountain.

Whiteface Mountain spokesman Jon Lundin said that the snow started falling lightly on Saturday until Sunday evening.

As of posting, authorities haven’t confirmed if the N.Y. 3 feet of snow was a record in the Whiteface area.

Mike Muccilli, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Burlington, Vermont said that a steady snow fall and gusty winds in Mount Mansfield, in Stowe. He said that about 13.2 inches of snow was dumped in the area.

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