Mysterious Grand piano found on sandbar in Miami Biscayne Bay (Video)

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Florida, USA – A mysterious 650-pound grand piano was found on a sandbar at Biscayne Bay, Miami recently, as questions are being now raised on how and who placed that piano there, as shown in the video below.

Mysterious piano at Biscayne Bay
Photo credit: AP/YouTube

According to Miami Herald on Monday, which was believed to be the first one to break the news, a grand piano was mysteriously placed at the highest portion of a sandbar in Biscayne Bay, and no one had been claiming it as of this writing.

Apparently, the piano was reported to still be visible during high tide, which was placed about 200 yards away from the shore.

There were speculations that the mysterious piano could have been a property of someone who lives within the area, probably from one of the condominiums nearby.

The news about this mysterious piano reached the authorities, particularly to Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, but its spokesman Jorge Pino told the Miami Herald that they are not responsible to move items like that.

Even a car can become a habitat for wildlife. Unless the item becomes a navigational hazard, US Coast Guard would not get involved.” Pino added.

Mysterious Piano Appears in Florida Bay
Video credit: AP/YouTube

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