Muslim Green Lantern: DC Comics introduces ‘Green Lantern #0’, superhero with an Arabic tattoo

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DC Comics introduces a Muslim Green Lantern called “Green Lantern #0” on their latest magazine, which went on sale this Wednesday, September 05, 2012 online. This new super hero sports an Arabic tattoo on the same arm where his power ring is, a character that is far from the gay Green Lantern introduced last June.

Muslim Green Lantern

‘Green Lantern #0’ magazine cover
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As noted at, the 32-page magazine was written by Geoff Johns, an American comic book writer and has been Chief Creative Officer of DC Comics since February 2010. He also served as a co-producer for the 2011 Green Lantern movie, starring Ryan Reynolds and directed by Martin Campbell.

According to The New York Daily News on Tuesday, this latest issue of the Green Lantern magazine is part of the publisher’s reshaping of its fictional universe last year which erased more than seven decades of existence since the original Alan Scott as Green Lantern was introduced in 1940.

“It continued to reinforce that our readership is extremely diverse, so we want to continue to diversify the characters in our universe,” Geoff Johns was quoted telling to The new Green Lantern human character will be Simon Baz, who is both an Arab-American and a Muslim.

“It’s an amalgam of a bunch of different things. I’m from Michigan. My dad is also Lebanese (like Baz), and there’s a very big Arab-American community there. I think he’s going to be a really great character.” Geoff added, noting that the characters of both Hal Jordan and his arch-nemesis Sinestro will be on another story plot.

“In general, when you think about Arabs and Muslims in main roles in pop culture, they’re always the villains. To finally have the opportunity where the Arab-American can be the super hero, to be the one who saves people, is a lot more powerful an image.” Linda Sarsour, executive director of the Arab American Association of New York reportedly said, praising the introduction of Muslim Green Lantern.

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