Mummies Housed In Egyptian Museum In Cairo Undergo CT Scans, Ahmose Meryet Amon The Oldest Known With Heart Disease?

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Mummy of Maiherpri
Mummy of Maiherpri
Image Credit: AP Photo/Dr. Michael Miyamoto, MD

Ahmose Meryet Amon, an Egyptian princess who was believed to have lived more than 3,500 years ago was said to be the oldest known person with heart disease, according to a recent study presented by researchers on Tuesday, May 17, 2011 at a conference on heart imaging in Amsterdam.

International reports said that 52 mummies from the Egyptian Museum in Cairo have been CT scanned by a joint U.S.Egyptian team. One of the mummies was said to be of an ancient Egyptian princess who lived between 1540 and 1550 B.C. in Thebes (now Luxor).

According to the study, researchers found calcium deposits in two main coronary arteries of the Egyptian princess including those that supply blood to the brain and heart, which can lead to heart attack or stroke.

“If the princess was in a time machine and I was to see her now, I would tell her to lay off the fat, take plenty of exercise, then schedule her for heart surgery,” Gregory Thomas was quoted saying, director of nuclear cardiology education at the University of California in Irvine and co-leader who conducted the study.

However, reports said that the study team could not confirm that any of the 52 mummies really died of heart disease because most of the mummies’ organs were missing or either dilapidated.

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