Muhammad Ali home in Louisville, Kentucky up for sale

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Muhammad Ali Home

Muhammad Ali home
Image Credit: AP/Bruce Schreiner

The childhood home of Muhammad Ali in Louisville, Kentucky is being sold for about $50,000, according to several news sites on Monday, August 27, 2012. A “For Sale by Owner” sign is reportedly placed in front of the house.

Ali‘s former home, now owned by Steve Stephenson, is reportedly situated along a tree-lined neighborhood area with neat and modest houses. It has a state historical marker in front of the house that recognizes Ali‘s boyhood residence.

Reports say that the small white house has a sagging front porch overhang.

The website of the Jefferson County Property Value Administrator said that the assessed value of the house is about $23,260.

Louisville City Mayor Greg Fischer, showing interest to preserve the home’s history, said that “Anything we can do to preserve and expand his legacy, we want to do that. His home serves as an inspiration for people to look at that and say, ‘If this young guy, why not me?'”

Ali, whose former name was Casius Clay, is a three-time world heavyweight champion. He took up boxing at the age of 12 and retired in 1981.

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