Mud Volcano, Lusi in Sidoarjo, East Java, Indonesia to Erupt Until 2037

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A mud volcano in Sidoarjo, East Java, Indonesia is expected to erupt until 2037, several international news sites reported on Friday. The volcano named “Lusi” which was reported to have displaced more than 13,000 families first erupted on May 29, 2006. It buried homes, schools and farmlands over seven square kilometers.

Lusi mud volcano
The main vent of the Lusi mud volcano
taken within a few months of eruption.

Image Credit: Greenpeace images

At its peak, the volcano gushed 40 Olympic-sized pools of mud each day. The rate already slowed to four per day, according to Richard Davies, a professor of Earth sciences at Durham University, in northeast England.

“Our estimate is that it will take 26 years for the eruption to drop to a manageable level and for Lusi to turn into a slow bubbling volcano,” Davies was quoted saying.

According to reports, this is the first reliable estimate on how long the said volcano will continue erupting.

“We did a provisional estimate in 2008, but we have significantly improved the methodology. Also, for two or three years there was a lot of debate about what caused it. I think there were a lot of people involved in working what happened – so now we have seen the natural progression from wanting to know what caused it to wanting to know how long it will last,” Davies told BBC News.

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