Mt. Etna, Sicily Erupts Spectacularly for the 12th Time This 2011

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Mount Etna Eruption
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Mt. Etna in Sicily erupts for the 12th time, as reported by the Osservatorio Vulcanologico dell’Etna, Mt. Etna’s observatory, and the Institute of Volcanology in Catania, August 29, 2011.

The 12th eruption of Mount Etna came from the southeast crater, subsequent eruptions occurred in the southern and northern crater edges, which caused ash falls in Fleri, Zafferana Etnea, Trecastagni and Viagrande. The first lava flow occurred going towards the Valle del Bove area.

According to Istituto Nazionale Di Geofisica E Vulcanologia -Sezione Di Catania (INGV):

“The lava fountaining from the vents within the crater passed into ash emission shortly after 04.40, whereas the lowest vent on the new eruptive fracture continued to produce incandescent jets until 04.50 GMT. Ash emission continued at a diminishing rate until about 05.15 GMT.”

The eruption of Mt. Etna caused stunning “natural fireworks” that can be seen several miles away.

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