Mr. Bean’s $1.4M car repair bill is biggest in Britain

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mr bean's 1.4m car repair

Mr. Bean
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The car of British star Rowan Atkinson, a.k.a. Mr. Bean, reportedly got a repair bill of $1.4 million (£910,000). Mr. Bean’s $1.4M car repair is the most expensive car fix bill in the history of Britain, according to a report by The Sun on Friday, February 8 2013.

The $1.4M car repair for Mr. Bean‘s McLaren F1 was reportedly paid by his insurance company. The amount is three times more than the previous biggest car repair bill.

In August 2011, Atkinson crashed his supercar and injured his shoulder after hitting a slippery road near Peterborough. His car’s 6.1-litre engine was ripped off and was 20 yards away when the vehicles body ended up on a tree.

Reports say that it took over a year before expert technicians from McLaren were able to restore Mr. Bean‘s car.

According to reports, Atkinson‘s $1.4M F1 supercar can run up to 240mph.

It was the second time that Mr. Bean has crashed his car.

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