Mozart’s Discovered Piece Played for the First Time by Florian Birsak

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Florian Birsak
Image Credit: BBC video

A music composition found in Austria, believed to be that of the young Mozart, was recently played by Florian Birsak on Mozart’s original piano in the city of Salzburg. This was disclosed by international sites, March 23, 2012.

Reports said that music experts came to a conclusion that the Allegro Molto is indeed a Mozart composition. Even if it was not written by Mozart’s own hand; the composition bears the name of “Del Signore Giovane Wolfgango Mozart,” or “Mr. Wolfgang Mozart Jr.”

A statement at the official website of the Mozarteum Salzburg Foundation states that:

“Throughout the Allegro Molto, thematic formation, compositional setting and harmony have a number of components that are found repeated in other Mozart piano works. According to current scholarly knowledge, it must therefore be regarded as an authentic sonata movement by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.”

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