MovieReshape: New Software to make Movie Actors look thinner or taller on screen (Video)

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Recently, German scientists have developed software that can make actors look thinner or taller on screen, The Hollywood Reporter said.

The program MovieReshape, a program developed by researchers at Germany’s Max Planck Institute, can not only make movie actors look thinner or taller, but also fatter or smaller on screen.

This could mean that actors will not have to risk their health anymore, by gaining or losing dangerous amounts just to fit in into a role.

The software can change the shape of the body of an actor and can be used on existing or finished video material, while it can also adjust other human characteristics such as age.

Christian Theobalt, one of the scientists who developed the software, apparently told The Hollywood Reporter that one can also ‘make him younger or older but much faster and with less computing power’.

“What would take days using conventional SFX software, our model can do in a matter of hours.” Theobalt said.

Theobalt also said that the software can also save money for doing commercials.

“Instead of using several different actors for a spot shown around the world, which is a common practice for many products, advertisers can only shoot one and adjust their physical characteristics to fit the requirements”. Theobalt added.

Meanwhile, MovieReshape was reportedly to need a few more months before it can be applicable for commercial use.

It was also said that researchers at Max Planck have not yet started to make talks with private companies to convert their prototype into mass-production software.

But then, the The MovieReshape software may be presented in public for the first time at the computer graphics conference Siggraph Asia in Seoul, South Korea in December.

Below is the video demo of the MovieReshape software.

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