Mountain climber falls from 1,000 ft found alive and still standing

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A mountain climber in UK was reported to have fallen from 1,000 feet (300 meters), but was found alive and still standing, who apparently have suffered only a few cuts and bruises, as reported at British news sites on Sunday.

Image Credit: Sky News Online

According to the report, a mountain climber named Adam Potter who was described by his rescuers as ‘the very fortunate climber’, was part of a 24-climber group and had already reached the summit of the 3,589ft Sgurr Choinnich Mor in Scotland when he lost his footing and fell about 1,000 ft below.

Potter, 35, was found by rescuers boarding a Royal Navy Sea King helicopter, at about 792.5 meters of the mountain, who was first thought of being the wrong person they are searching for.

Rescuers, who arrived about 35 minutes later, told reports that they were stunned to see Potter standing and even studying the map to know where he should be heading to.

As the paramedics recalled, Potter had a minor chest injury, few cuts, and was quite shaking that could be due to extreme emotional shock; and seem to be still wondering how he survived the 1,000-feet fall.

Crew observer Lieutenant Tim Barker told the news that it is quite incredible for someone to have survived that fall, so much so having only a few cuts and bruises.

“I have to say that, when we got the call and realized the details of where he’d fallen, we did expect to arrive on scene to find the worst-case scenario.” Barker said.

Adam Potter spend the night at the Southern General hospital, in Glasgow, for further observation for his injuries but reported to be totally safe from danger and that his wounds were not life-threatening.

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