Mount Merapi Volcano Erupted Again; Forced Flight Cancellations

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Indonesia DisastersAfter killing 38 people in a series of earlier explosions, Mount Merapi erupted again last Monday forcing international airlines to cancel their flights, as reported by different international news sites. Indonesia‘s most volatile volcano continues to produce huge clouds of ash. The Indonesian government warned other airlines to avoid some routes because of the ash. Several flights from Malaysia and Singapore were cancelled.

There were no immediate reports of casualties from the latest eruption because most of the residents were already evacuated from the area. However, the severity of the latest eruption which sent ashes and debris about four miles around six kilometers from the top of the volcano underscored fears that residents must be prevented from coming close to their homes for an indefinite period of time by the authorities. This will leave as much as 69,000 people displaced and scattered across central Java, majority in temporary camps.

The volcano could continue rumbling for some time, for weeks or even months, scientist and vulcanologist Subandrio said.

Photo Credit: AP Photo / Trisnadi

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