Mother dog saves puppies from fire in Chile; brings them to fire truck one by one (Photo)

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A mother dog in Chile saved her own five puppies from fire on Thursday, August 9, 2012, after she brought them to a fire truck one by one to keep them away from harm, as shown in the photos below. The hero dog is now getting a lot of attention online.

Amanda the dog, with her puppies in a fire truck
Image Credit: J. Monsalve/

As noted at Soy Temuco, a Chilean news website on Friday, the fire broke out in a house in Santa Rosa de Temuco on Thursday morning, and the mama dog named Amanda bravely got her 10-month old puppies out from the portion of the home where they live, before it was destroyed by the fire.

According to the report, Omar Torres, the owner of the house, was immediately brought to Hernan Henriquez Hospital, a local hospital, for burn treatments; and the puppies were taken to a veterinary clinic named Altamira Veterinary Clinic, where they are retrieved along with his mother.

However, Amparo, one of the puppies, was not strong enough to make it and died on Friday night at around 8 p.m. (local time), due to severe burns, while the four others remained safe. Amanda the dog reportedly got stressed after the incident particularly to the puppy that was badly hurt.

“There (were) four of them really well, no burns, but one fell out when they were rescuing and has several burns on the abdomen, mouth and lost tired skin. The truth is that it is complicated,” Clinic veterinarian Felipe Lara was quoted in the report, as translated to English via Google Translate.

Ms. Lara added that the puppies will not spend long time in the hospital since it could be dangerous for them to be away from his mother, given their very young age; with the photos also posted at Reddit that day and is now receiving good comments.

Amanda the dog, bringing her puppies to fire truck
Image Credit: J. Monsalve/

Amanda the dog, bringing her puppies to fire truck
Image Credit: J. Monsalve/

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