More than 1,000 New Species Found in New Guinea by WWF (Photos)

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More than 1,000 new species were discovered recently in the Melanesian Island of New Guinea by the environment group World Wildlife Fund (WWF), as noted in international news sites on Monday, June 27, 2011.

According to WWF, among the newly discovered species are the fanged frog, the blue lizard and the bright yellow snail as shown in the photos below.

Fanged-Frog Photo
Image Credit: Stephen Richards/WWF

Blue Lizard Photo
Image Credit: Lutz Obelgonner/WWF

Yellow Snail Photo
Image Credit: Fred Kraus/WWF

However, it was said that all new found species are at risk due to human activities.

WWF Western Melanesia’s Program Representative Neil Stronach was quoted saying, “This report shows that New Guinea’s forests and rivers are among the richest and most bio diverse in the world. But it also shows us that unchecked human demand can push even the wealthiest environments to bankruptcy.”

“If you look at New Guinea in terms of biological diversity, it is much more like a continent than an island. Scientists found an average of two new species each week from 1998 to 2008 –- nearly unheard of in this day and age,” he added in the report.

Apparently, New Guinea is located between the eastern countries of Papua New Guinea and Indonesia. It is also considered as the largest tropical island on earth.

Though New Guinea is rich in nature, it was said that it is poor when it comes to financial status.

“As a region with high rates of poverty, it is absolutely essential that New Guinea‘s precious reefs, rain-forests, and wetlands are not plundered but managed sustainably for future generations,” New Guinea Program Manager Susanne Schmitt was quoted saying at WWF-UK.

“Environmental protection and economic development must go together to ensure the survival of New Guinea’s unique species and natural habitats,” she added in the report.

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