More Cebu Pacific Flights To Have Dancing Flight Attendants

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Cebu Pacific LogoAccording to ABS-CBN News report, Cebu Pacific Air has plans to have more airlines featuring the dancing flight attendants. The dance was done only once and some Cebu Pacific passengers were asking them why the flight attendants did not dance on their flight as seen on the famous Youtube video.

Cebu Pacific has explained that the flight attendants were not forced to dance. They actually “volunteered” and “enjoyed” the dance performance. They also clarified that the formal safety instructions required by Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) was not replaced by the dance routine.

Some sectors are not in favor of the dance routine. Bayan Muna Representative Teddy CasiƱo said that it potentially violates the Labor Code because the flight attendants never applied as a dancer in the first place.

MalacaƱang believes that there are much better ways to promote tourism in the country, like highlighting our tourist spots such as the beaches.

Meanwhile, CAAP started investigating the issue to determine if Cebu Pacific violated international safety standards. They wanted to know if the safety procedures are properly explained during the dance performance. They believe that the airline is using the dancing flight attendants as a marketing gimmick. CAAP already talked to Cebu Pacific officials about their plans of deploying inspectors to watch the dancing flight attendants live.

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