Monster Goldfish found in Lake Tahoe: Scientist blames aquarium dumping (Video)

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monster goldfish lake tahoe

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

An 18-inch long monster goldfish was reportedly found breeding in Lake Tahoe. Scientist say that the presence of giant goldfish in the lake threatens the ecosystem since they thrive on some other species in the water.

This massive goldfish, that may have been dumped by aquarium owners, reportedly feeds on fresh water organism and disposes nutrients that propagates algae.

Aquarium dumping is a worldwide problem that threatens other lake species.

Reports say that a goldfish can reach up to 1.5 feet in length and is not a welcome addition in Lake Tahoe, according to experts.

Below is a KCRA video that reports about the growing number of goldfish and its threat on Lake Tahoe.

Monster Goldfish at Lake Tahoe
Credit: KCRA

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