Mom selling Girl Scout cookies at work got fired; woman says she has been doing this for 3 years

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A woman was fired from her job for selling Girl Scout cookies at work. Tracy Lewis, a single mother, was reportedly shocked when her employer Bon Appetit Management Company informed her last month that she was terminated from her job as a retail service manager in food services inside a school campus.

mom selling Girl Scout cookies at work

Tracy Lewis, the mom who was fired from her job
for selling Girl Scout cookies at work

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According to this Tuesday, March 19, 2013, Tracy Lewis told them that she has been selling Girl Scout cookies at work for three years at the Eagle’s Nest convenience store inside American University in Washington D.C., and her boss informed her last February 18 that she was fired from her job.

As noted in the report, Bon Appetit claimed in their termination letter to Ms Lewis that she was “operating a personal cash business selling Girl Scout cookies over the counter which violates company policy” and has committed “gross misconduct by soliciting.”

“I had the cookies on a cart, and I would never ask anyone to buy them. But, if they wanted to buy some, I would sell them. It’s a volunteer position. I was just trying to help my daughter raise money for trips and stuff like that.” Lewis told in an interview, referring to her 12-year old Girl Scout daughter.

“They didn’t give me any warning. It’s crazy because I can’t profit for selling the cookies,” Lewis added, who also has a son in college and has been working for Bon Appetit inside the American University campus for 12 years, and a total of 28 years working in various food services inside the school campus.

“Girl scout cookie sales are a girl-led, entrepreneurial program. We want the girls to be taking the lead,” Girl Scouts Council of the Nation‘s Capitol COO Colleen Cibula was quoted in a statement, adding that what happened is a lesson to all the parents who want to sell Girl Scout cookies on their jobs.

On the other hand, some parents and Girl Scout troopers said they believe that Tracy Lewis has not done anything wrong, and that no parent should be fired for selling Girl Scout cookies at work since it is a charitable act and they will not make money out of it.

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