Model Sandy photo shoot goes viral, Nana Gouvea criticized after posing behind destruction (Photo)

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The so-called model Sandy photo shoot is now going viral, after Brazilian model Nana Gouvea posed behind the destruction brought about by hurricane, as shown in the photo below. She is now receiving a lot of criticisms online, with her photos also resulting to an Internet meme and a Facebook page.

As noted at EGO, a Brazilian celebrity blog, Nana Gouvea was in New York with her her husband, Carlos Keyes during the height of Hurricane Sandy, but they decided to leave the house on Tuesday, October 30. Gouvea then posed for photos behind fallen trees and damaged cars and Keyes took the pictures.

According to the report, Gouvea, 27, said has not leave their house since Saturday due to Sandy, but noted that she was not bored since she and Carlos were most of the time in bed. Hurricane Sandy was said to be not the first storm for Nana in New York, and that she also there in August 2011 when Hurricane Irene came.

Meanwhile, the said Sandy photo shoot was criticized in social media including in Twitter and Facebook. A Nana Gouvea in Disaster page was created in Facebook and Tumblr, where both pages received a lot of mockery, along with some photoshopped photos of other disasters with her photo inserted on them.

Gawker also published a post this Wednesday, titled ‘A Guide to Posing for Glamour Shots in the Aftermath of a Devastating Natural Disaster’, and even shared six tips on how to do it, stressing out that “it is a great opportunity to get out there and try poses, angles, and wardrobe choices you normally wouldn’t.”

Model Sandy photo shoot Nana Gouvea
Nana Gouvea posing on top of a fallen tree with cars nearby
Image Credit: Nana Gouvea Facebook

Model Sandy photo shoot Nana Gouvea 1
Nana Gouvea posing behind a fallen tree
Image Credit: Nana Gouvea Facebook

Nana Gouvea Hurricane Sandy
Nana Gouvea sitting on a car with a fallen tree behind it
Image Credit: Nana Gouvea Facebook

Nana Gouvea Hurricane Sandy 1
Nana Gouvea posing in between a parked car and a broken tree
Image Credit: Nana Gouvea Facebook

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