Mocked by Chelsea Handler, Angelina Jolie Now Mad at Jennifer Aniston?

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Mocked by Chelsea Handler, Angelina Jolie is now allegedly mad at Jennifer Aniston. This came as a result of a series of unpleasant events which transpired during this month of December 2010.

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When everyone thought that the dust had settled down on the Angelina Jolie-Brad Pitt affair,   here comes another showbiz brouhaha that revived the flames of fury, when Chelsea Handler, an entertainment personality, said in one of her shows that Jolie was a homewrecker and called her unprintable names. This was reported by Hollywood entertainment magazines, December 16, 2010. This prompted Aniston to tell her friend, Handler, to “give it a rest.”  Aniston had done a Herculean task of not venting her emotions through media because she had always wanted to keep her feelings about Jolie’s affair with her ex-husband, private.

Aniston wanted to put all the heartaches behind and start anew. Handler replied that even before her friendship with Aniston, she had stayed away from Jolie.  Most people believe  though that Handler was doing this because of her friendship with Aniston. Lately, “The Tourist”, which is the latest movie of Jolie with Johnny Depp, failed sourly at the box office. It has earned less than expected. Speculators blamed the box office failure on Chelsea Handler’s vicious comments about Jolie.

Now, Jolie is allegedly mad and had told Jennifer Aniston through mutual friends “to shut up” because she won’t tolerate it anymore. Jolie’s image as a homewrecker may have affected the showing at the box-office of her latest movie, but the movie SALT which co-starred Liev Schreiber and Chiwetel Ejiofor, had done well in the box office.  This was also shown after Jolie’s affair with Brad Pitt was made public. The couple has now plans of finally tying the knot, but there is no definite date announced yet, except that it may be an Indian wedding.

For the holidays, the couple plan to “travel and have an adventure,”  with their six children.

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