Mitzuho Kimura: Japanese woman Taiwan’s 5-millionth foreign visitor receives reward

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Mitzuho Kimura, a Japanese woman and Taiwan’s 5-millionth foreign visitor this year, receives a reward upon her arrival at the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport on Friday, according to Focus Taiwan news channel.

According to the report, Mitzuho Kimura was the fifth-millionth foreigner to have visited Taiwan in 2010, and she was greeted by Tourism Bureau Deputy Director-General Liu Hsi-lin.

Kimura, a 31-year-old office worker from Japan and her first time to visit the country, was along with her four other friends plan to have a four-day vacation in Taiwan.

Besides being greeted by the Tourism deputy director, she was given a credit card that she can use to buy Taiwan goods and delicacies worth NT$500,000 (US$16,393).

The lucky foreigner was also welcomed by Premier Wu Den-yih in a reception, who later said he is expecting about 5.4 million foreign visitors in Taiwan within this year.

The government of Taiwan was reported to have been giving incentives or rewards to the lucky 1-millionth, 2-millionth, 3-millionth, 4-millionth, and 5-millionth foreign visitor starting 2009.

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