Mitt Romney sings “America the Beautiful” on 2012 Florida primary election eve (Video)

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Former Massachusetts governor and Republican presidential nomination candidate Mitt Romney sang “America the Beautiful” on the eve of 2012 Florida primary election, as shown in the video below.

Mitt Romney, singing “America the Beautiful”
Image Credit: CNN video

As noted at US news sites on Monday, January 30, 2012, Mitt Romney sang an entire verse of “America the Beautiful” in front of thousands at The Villages that night, the eve of the 2012 Florida Republican election.

According to reports, some of Romney‘s supporters sang with him which most of them were senior citizens since the place is known to be a retirement community, which his campaign team noted it as one of his strongholds.

“I understand a few of you here are on Medicare. That being the case, I hope you tell your friends … we will never go after Medicare or Social Security.” Romney reportedly said jokingly before he sang.

Apparently, the 64-year old presidential nomination candidate did not mention anything against his fellow candidates particularly his ‘closest’ rival, former Speaker Newt Gingrich, during his speech.

Meanwhile, Romney‘s singing moment is now being compared to US President Barack Obama’s own version of Al Green‘s “Let’s Stay Together” during a fundraising event in New York City more than a week ago.

As of this writing, various polls reveal different numbers but all of them notably show that Mitt Romney is very much ahead from the others and Newt Gingrich is far away second, which some analysts believe it could be the same result from the ongoing 2012 Florida primary election.

Mitt Romney, singing “America the Beautiful”
Video Credit: CNN/YouTube

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