Mitt Romney 2011 tax return to be released by October 15, adviser says

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US Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is being set to release his complete 2011 tax return by October 15, as his challenge to President Barack Obama‘s re-election bid comes closer, which will be this coming November 6.

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As noted at on Sunday, August 19, 2012, the former Massachusetts governor received a filing extension from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), and October 15 is the extended deadline, or 22 days before the presidential election.

“We have said as soon as they’re ready we’re going to release them. And I believe they’ll be ready before that.” Ed Gillespie, a campaign adviser for Mitt Romney, was quoted saying in an interview on “Fox News Sunday” that day.

“Look, October 15 is the deadline for the IRS on an extension. They’re being finalized. There’s a lot of forms that have to come in from other entities that the governor doesn’t have control over.” Gillespie added, but did not mention the exact date as to when it will be released.

US presidential candidates are not being required to release their tax returns, but Romney, who recently announced that Paul Ryan will be his vice-presidential running mate, released his 2010 tax return to the public last January, which showed that paid $3 million in federal taxes and an income of $21.7 million.

That time, Romney’s 2011 tax return suggested that he will reveal a $3.22-million federal tax on his $20.9 million in total income. He reportedly said that he would have itemized deductions of $5.7 million, including $4 million in donations; where he donated around $2.6 million to the Mormon Church that year.

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