Misspelled “School” sign in New York since 2010 has been corrected (Photo)

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A misspelled school sign in a New York street that has been there for more than a year has been corrected, as shown in the photo below, a day after it was reported online and earned a lot of criticisms.

According to the New York Post on Tuesday, January 24, 2012, a sign at Stanton Street outside Marta Valle High School in Manhattan, New York reads “Shcool X-NG” with the obvious wrong spelling of the word “school”.

As noted in the report, Con Ed officials told them that the misspelled school sign has been there since July 2010 but no one reported it despite being seen by residents and commuters, particularly students and school officials.

Apparently, the mistake was said to have happened when an unnamed contractor ripped up the street for utility work and replaced the existing markings, but has not been corrected since then.

“One of the teachers said to me, I’m busy grading papers in the school. I’m not grading the city on their spelling,” Rene Anaya, the assistant principal at Lower East Side Preparatory HS, told the paper.

“We are contacting them to correct the error promptly,” a local Department of Transportation (DOT) spokesman was quoted on the report, noting that the spelling error was made by a utility provider and not the city or any of its contractors.

On Wednesday, the New York Post reported that a different contractor have corrected the misspelled school street sign by cutting the asphalt of the letters “C” and “H” and interchanged them.

(Left) Misspelled “School” sign; (Right) Workers fixing the misspelled street sign
Image Credit: Matthew McDermott/Jessica Simeone

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