Missing family found: Airboat of Schreck family from Ohio trapped in Florida Everglades

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The missing Ohio family was found by rescuers in the Florida Everglades on Friday, April 5, 2013. All members of the Schreck family were reportedly safe after spending the night in the area covered with tall, sharp-edged sawgrass and dark cypress tree.

missing family found in ohio

Airboat used by the Schreck family
Credit: Florida Fish and Wildlife
Conservation Commission

Rescuers reportedly heard the signals created by the family from their airboat that was stuck in a thick vegetation. The missing family caught the attention of rescuers by blowing whistles and air horn.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission spokesman Jorge Pino explained that they “weren’t able to see them, we were only able to hear them. They are in good condition.”

The 44-year-old father, Scott Schrek, admitted that their airboat was trapped after he made a wrong turn. He was with her 42-year-old wife, Carrie, and three young boys.

Schreck told reporters that he “Took a right and couldn’t get the boat turned around. This is the first time I’ve been out here, so obviously I’m a novice on this body of water. Not the thing to do.”

A team of rescuers was dispatched in the area after a helicopter spotted them. The bad weather prevented rescuers from getting the family out by helicopter.

After receiving reports that the family was missing on Thursday, a massive search was conducted by law enforcement, fire rescue and wildlife agencies. Helicopters, airplanes and at least six airboats were used to locate the Schreck family.

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