Missing Airplanes: FAA To Require Owners To Re-register To Clean-Up Their Airplane Records

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According to international news websites, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has about 119,000 missing airplanes, that is, airplanes with “questionable registration” because of unreported sales, missing forms, invalid addresses and other paperwork problems.

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The FAA cannot exactly pinpoint who owns these airplanes or where these airplanes fly. These account for about one-third of the 357,000 private and commercial aircraft in the US.

The FAA records are in such disarray that the agency is worried that criminals could purchase airplanes without their knowledge, reports said. In many cases, the FAA cannot say whether a particular plane is still flying or has been junked already.

Because of this, the FAA has ordered all owners of the 357,000 aircraft to re-register their aircraft in an effort to clean up its files. They will cancel all registration on 2011 to force all owners to re-register.

“We have identified some potential risk areas, but I think we’re trying to eliminate as much risk as possible through the re-registration process,” FAA spokeswoman Laura Brown was quoted saying.

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