Miss China 2012 Wenxia Yu criticized after winning Miss World 2012 title in China

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Miss China 2012, Wenxia Yu (or Yu Wen Xia) is now being criticized after she won the Miss World 2012 crown last Saturday, August 18, 2012, beating 115 other candidates, including Miss Philippines Queenierich Rehman, who landed on the Top 15.

Miss China 2012 Wenxia Yu, after winning
the Miss World 2012 title

Image Credit: MissWorld.com

As announced during the Miss World 2012 Finals, held at the Dongsheng Fitness Center Stadium, in Ordos, Inner Mongolia, China, Miss China 2012 won the Miss World 2012 title, while Miss Wales, Sophie Moulds landed as 1st Princess, and Miss Australia, Jessica Kahawaty won the 2nd Princess title.

In addition to her crown, Miss China won the Miss World 2012 Talent Finals and beat Miss Philippines, , who showcased her beatbox talent and earned a lot of praises not only for being the first beauty candidate to show that kind of talent, but also for her unique skills in beatboxing.

However, Wenxia Yu, who is the second Miss China to win the Miss World title (the first time was in 2007 when Zhang Zilin won), earned criticisms from some observers who posted their reactions in some news sites such as Huffington Post and even on the official Miss World Facebook page. Below are some of them.

* From Huffington Post commentators:

“I believe that the other contestants are better than Miss China. The judges should have been wise in choosing the winner. That’s what judges are for…impartial, free from prejudice, and has the ability to choose the winner not being effected by the screaming crowd. I wonder if there is still any credibility left on this kind of beauty contest.” – MS ML

“I would have voted for Miss South Sudan after her final answer, it was original and touching. I was not surprised at all to see that the winner of the pageant was Miss China given that it was held in a Chinese city with Chinese hosts and a huge group of screaming Chinese fans that erupted into applause every time she was mentioned. #Rigged – BrendanTV

“That’s so shameful for Miss China to be crowned as Miss World. Where’s her pride and honor for this crown. So obvious that China cooked this pageant. Hometown and venue of the pageant and have the country’s contestant to win in the pageant is not so shocking.” – Against Corrupt

* From Miss World Facebook page commentators:

“What part of Miss World is in there when she can’t even communicate to the world and the world is disagreeing to her title? All host countries will usually see their contestant in the finals.” – Rodney Gihan Heengama

South Sudan could have won the title and not China where if you go to the translation from her translator it was top 7 answer from among the 7 finalists…Shame on the Judges!” – Jaime Defiesta Bernal

Nevertheless, there are also those who agree with the decision of the Miss World 2012 judges and said that China being the host country of the event was only a coincidence. Others also defended Miss China on her inability to speak English, saying that there are also other candidates who needed a translator for their answers.

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